Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to get Mod Podge® off your clothing by Sarah Day

This month’s issue we featured an article on a DIY picture canvas using Mod Podge®. It only seemed fitting that our “HOW TO” this week was how to get Mod Podge®. out of your clothing.
  1. Try to get all Mod Podge® off clothing while still wet. Whatever you cannot get off, let glue harden and dry on clothing.
  2. Once the Mod Podge® is dry, take a butter knife and try to scrape off the glue. (Depending on how much glue is on your clothing you may not be able to get much off)

3. After you have scraped away as much as you could, take a generous amount of petroleum jelly (I used Vaseline) and cover the Mod Podge® area. Try not to get petroleum jelly on other parts of the clothing. Let this sit for about 7 minutes. Wipe off petroleum jelly.

4. Next, cover the area with dish soap and rub it into clothing. Let the dish soap sit for 15 minutes. Rinse the soap off but rub the spot to release any extra Mod Podge®. (At this step most of the

5. Lastly, run your clothing through the washing machine. Make sure the Mod Podge® is gone before putting clothing into the dryer. Wash as many times as needed. (Do not line-dry the clothing or dish soap will leave residue.)

Enjoy your just like new shirt!

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